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Avoid Anxiety While Keeping Up With Social Media

Social media’s reputation has its ups and downs, especially in the design community.

Webflow Tips and Tricks We Learned Working with it for the First Time

As designers, the wide world of web design can be tricky and unfamiliar territory to enter. Fortunately, there's Webflow.

Essential Design Books Vol. 3: Typography

Here’s our list of the best typography books for your collection. These books showcase the best in contemporary design.

Get Your First 5 Graphic Design Clients on LinkedIn

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to use Linkedin to contact the perfect type of clients you are looking for.

Futur Daily Design Initiative

A little while ago, I came upon the amazing collaboration between Kodak Film and Girl Skateboards and it brought me down memory lane.

Airline Brand Identity Design by the Young Guns

The Young Guns Series 1 was a chance for 5 designers from across the globe to participate in a design mentorship program with Chris Do.

How to Find Bigger Clients When You’re On Upwork

We’ve all been there. Upwork, eLance, Freelancer or other platforms are easy ways to kickstart a freelancing gig.

5 Rules to Run a Successful Sales Call

How do you run a successful sales call where everyone gets what they want?

Your Most Productive Work Day

Joey Cofone is the CEO and co-founder of Baron Fig, a company that has succeeded by perfecting a simple tool crucial to the creative entrepreneur: the notebook.

How to Prioritize for Productivity

What are some ways you can prioritize for productivity? Learn from SalesHood CEO, Elay Cohen.

How to Sell Strategy Without Design or Visuals

How do you talk strategy on the first call? How do you get paid for thinking?

Take the Pressure Off of Client Meetings

I’ve been in hundreds of client meetings during my career as a creative director. How do I take off the pressure?

Charging $0 To $5K for Strategy in 6 Months

Where has Melinda LIvsey been? What has happened to her since coming on the show?

No Work? Reinvent Yourself

When the economy tanked, and work dried up, what could you do to get work?

Ten Business Books All Creatives Need to Read

Here’s Chris's list for the top ten essential business books all creatives need to read.

How to Get More Clients

I get tired of fielding questions around how to get more clients, so I’ve decided to write an article on

Handstyle Lettering Style by Victionary

This is an excellent resource and beautifully curated collection of a variety of hand style lettering by design book publisher Viction:ary.

Learn Typography Fundamentals

For many people, trying to learn typography is a dark art. It’s mysterious, even intimidating for some.

9 Lessons Every Freelancer Should Know

Freelancing is tough. Here are 9 lessons to take note of to avoid mistakes.

Meeting a Client: 4 Profiles to Identify

So, you’re meeting a client for the first time. Who do you see? These are the four most common profiles to identify.

The Anatomy of a First Meeting

You’ve scheduled a first meeting with a potential new client. Fantastic! What do you do next?

Von Glitschka Show Notes

Many of you have asked for the way I take notes. I jokingly gave the answer “with pen and paper.”

Massimo Vignelli: Best Quotes

Massimo Vignelli was a graphic designer, industrial designer and architect.

Why You’re Unwilling to Charge What You’re Worth

Are you charging $50, $100, or even $500 for a logo? If you are, you can charge more. But will you?

How to Move Past Your $50 Clients

So you’re sick of doing logos for $50, or $100, or even $500. You value your design more highly than that.

Recommended Skillshare Courses for Logo Design

Here’s my curated list of the best design courses you can take on Skillshare.

Why You Should Be Viewing Your Time as a Resource

Something I see a lot of young designers struggle with is asking a client for an overage.

The $50 Logo – Why We’re Tempted to Undervalue Design

How much do you feel comfortable charging for a logo? I’m shocked at the numbers I get when I ask this...

How to Show Confidence Without Knowing Everything

In my last blog I explained why admitting that you don’t know everything is such an important part of confidence.

Essential Design Books Vol. 2

Here’s our list of design books for your collection. These books showcase the best in contemporary design.

Why Saying “I Don’t Know” Is Important To Being Confident

How do you feel when you walk into a meeting as a facilitator?

The Spartan Logo Design Challenge

The race is on! Let’s get the Spartan Logo Design Challenge kicked off!

How to Boost Your Confidence

In my last blog, I talked about building confidence by figuring out what you’re good at. But what do you do after that?

Building Self-Confidence As a Designer: Foundation

Do you consider yourself a confident person? If you don’t, it’s time to start changing how you think.

Essential Reading for Creative Professionals: Vol. 1

Here’s our list of the top books you must read if you’re an aspiring or practicing creative professional.

Why Listening to Understand is Important to Selling

If you’ve read our last two blogs, you know that listening is important, and you know how to listen well.

The Right Sales Mindset to Guide You to the Sale

What’s the best approach to get from point A to point B in the sale? That depends.

The Three Principles of a Great Listener

Are you a good listener? How do you know?

How to Talk About Yourself

If you want to make a sale, you’re going to have to spend some time talking about yourself.

Fly Me to The Futur: 100K Subscribers Giveaway

We started from the bottom, now we’re here. And we are all so incredibly grateful for your support.

How to Be a Great Listener

For a lot of us, listening doesn’t come naturally. If you’re wondering how to be a great listener, you’re in the right place.

Getting to the Heart of Your Lead’s Problem

Asking for a sale can be a lot like asking someone out on a date. You can put a lot of time and effort in...

Recap: Futur Pro Group Meetup

The first Futur Pro Meetup of its kind. Talk about perks of membership!

How to Build Rapport

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your sales came handed to you wrapped up in a little bow?

Before You Design Anything

3 Things you must do in the kickoff meeting to keep your design process focused.

Three Questions to Ask Before Asking for the Sale

Asking for the sale. It can be tough, right? If you do it right, you’re in business.