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Join us in The Futur™

Our team provides high-level creative education to a global audience of students, educators, and entrepreneurs all over the world. We do this by delivering unique and engaging content across our many platforms. We're always looking for partners that share our vision and want to help us serve the creative community.

Who is Our Audience?

Our global audience is made up of over 885,000+ creative professionals across Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Email, Linkedin, Twitter, our podcast, and in-person events. Our major markets – USA, CAN, UK, NLD, GER, AUS – make up over half of our audience.


Why Become A Sponsor?

Our audience is ready for you to improve their lives. They seek knowledge and tools to help them become more creative, productive and happy. There are also a few big trends that are happening globally, which you can be a part of.


Design is in a renaissance

There's a boom of creative professionals emerging in both established and developing markets. Big organizations are adopting design thinking practices to innovate their businesses.


The Education Gap

Traditional schools aren't preparing our youth with the relevant info they need to thrive in the real-world.


Online & Social Learning

Online learning, especially on YouTube, is continuing to grow. Even those in far away places can have access to the high-quality education.

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How You Can Get Involved

Advertising and marketing with The Futur™ is a great way to build excitement around a product, campaign, or upcoming event.

We look for brands that make people happy, empower creatives, and boost productivity. Our ideal partner shares our passion for accessible, quality education.

We look for partners in the following markets:
  • Camera and video gear
  • Portfolio web services
  • Collaboration tools
  • Creative products & software
  • Printing services
  • Talent recruitment
  • Stock imagery & audio
  • Clothing companies
  • Travel & hospitality
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We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities for budgets of all sizes. If you're interested in sponsorship or advertising opportunities with The Futur™, please contact:

[email protected]
to learn more.

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