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May 2020

Site of The Month

Aiste Guzaite
smart by design studio

Smart by design put innovation driven companies on the fast track to success. Our design approach is focused on uncovering problems and finding solutions, and we believe the soul of a brand is only as strong as the teams values. We work with ambitious partners with vision to alter entire markets. And when we find them, we will go an extra mile to build intelligent brands that stand out.

May 2020

Business Bootcamp


The Futur™
Pro Group


Anneli Hansson

Brand Strategist // The Futur

Anneli is an award-winning Brand strategist based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Anneli has worked with international brands like Coca-Cola, Levi's, Polaroid, John Deere, and Volvo to innovative organic food brands from Sweden.

Alec Miller

Visual production // Royals & Rogues

Alec is the founder of Royals & Rogues, an agency creating content for the video game and tech industries. He's working to close the gap between clients and creators.

Mo Ismail

Managing director // MOCs

Mo runs MOCs, a media marketing agency that helps brands visually communicate and connect with their audience.


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