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Practical Project Management

Project Management is process, & process is king. Welcome to a practical, proven way to manage profitable projects & create great experiences for your clients.

Managing Money

Learn how to manage and make sense of your business’ finances to make informed decisions about its future.

How To Find Clients

A comprehensive guide to marketing yourself and generating the high quality leads you want.

How To Negotiate

A tactical guide to help you deal with the most challenging client questions, so you can win more business and make more money.

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Color For Creatives

Go beyond theory and learn how to use color like a pro in this course from Greg Gunn. You'll master how to see, understand, and use color to create fresh, original work.

Lettering 01

Develop expertise and confidence by immersing yourself in the history, process, and techniques to master the skill of lettering.

Logo Design & Construction

Learn the creative process and best practices from design professionals who charge $10k+.


Learn the fundamentals of creating dynamic style frames that tell compelling stories, and take your motion design to the next level with Matthew Encina.


Learn the quintessential step every creative should take before jumping in to the full project. The stylescape process has helped Chris cut revision requests in half.

Typography 01

Our most popular course will teach you the rules of typography and help you understand and master type, design and layout.

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Lecture Series

How To Build Your Youtube Channel

A beginner’s guide to building a successful YouTube channel from scratch.

Winning Clients Over

Why are some creatives worth more than others? Learn how to position yourself as an expert by asking better questions in the buy/sell cycle.

Build Your Confidence

Overcome imposter syndrome and learn how to show up as you are.

Social Media Marketing

A guide to telling your brand’s story through social media.

You're A Business, Not A Freelancer

Learn to speak the language of business & creativity.

Be Your Best Self

Change your mindset. Change your business.