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Start Your Design Business

Everything you need to build a creative business—from zero to clients and beyond.

Get Started

From generating leads and handling finances, to creating processes and all that legal stuff, there is a lot to starting a creative business. It’s overwhelming. First things first, let’s get your business protected and your work out there so you can start winning over clients. These three kits will do the trick!

The Get Started Playlist

Hand-picked resources from The Futur™ channel to get your business moving in the right direction.


When To Send A Proposal?

When should you send a prospect a proposal? Is there an ideal time to send a proposal? When is it appropriate and when isn’t it? Ben Burns walks you through the ins and outs of proposals.


Make A Case Study That Gets Client Work

In this edited video from Ben Burns' webinar on how to show your work to get work, he teaches how to tell the story of your work to show effort and impact.


Document and Show Your Creative Process

Why is it important to show your process? Do you have a creative formula that is repeatable with predictable results or are you just showing the finished work? If you aren’t showing your process and documenting it, you are leaving it up to the imagination of your client as to how you work.


Get The Show Your Work Bundle

Pair The Perfect Proposal and The Complete Case Study together and get the ultimate template for showing your work to prospective clients… all while saving 10%!

Get Clients

First you’ve got to generate leads, and then you’ve got to seal the deal and overcome any objections. While proposals and case studies are a great place to start, these additional resources will help you fill your pipeline with client work.


Sell Without Being Salesy

Watch as Chris Do hosts a live call with the Pro Group and uncovers his unique approach to selling minus the ego and aggressiveness we all dislike.

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Get Paid

You’ve got clients—woohoo! Now it’s time for invoicing and managing the money that comes in. Avoid newbie mistakes with these resources.

Get Organized

The more organized you are, the more efficient your business and remarkable your brand experience. This goes at the project and company level. Time to get everything in order!

Get Marketing

Grow your audience, influence, and opportunities by harnessing the power of content marketing. Because people aren’t just going to randomly find your business.

Get Growing

Think beyond design and learn valuable skills that will strengthen your service offerings and provide more value to your clients.

Get Motivated

Feeling stuck? Not sure you were cut out for this entrepreneurial life? Karate chop those thoughts in two with these talks straight from Chris Do’s DoJo.

Get Support

High-level coaching doesn’t have to be something only accessible to the one-percenters. Join Chris Do, your new master-mentor, twice a month for group coaching on hot topics that will move your business forward, from pricing and lead generation, to personal branding and selling without the sleaze factor. It’s all going down in The Futur™ Pro Group- along with so much more!