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How to Negotiate a Lowball Offer

How can you tell if the client can really afford you?

When it comes to sales conversations, the chances of you knowing exactly what the client can afford are slim to none. You just can’t read their minds.

But what happens when the client lowballs you? How do you negotiate a lowball offer?

In this video, Chris quickly breaks down the concept of price anchoring, where you state a range of prices for your services. A good example of price anchoring would be a statement like “I charge anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000 for a logo.”

If you’re the one providing the service, you should be the one who says the number first. Drop a high anchor on the client and let them digest it. The client almost always gets stuck with that first high number you tell them.

And if a client lowballs you? Just ignore it.

For more, watch the full video above.

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