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Anything worth learning requires dedication and practice.

If practice makes perfect, this kit is the best place to start. The practice worksheets will allow you to exercise your motor skills to achieve the control and fluidity required of a hand lettering artist.

We’ll teach you the rules so you can break them.

The Hand Lettering Work Kit is a rich source of knowledge crafted by The Futur team. We’ll guide you through the basics so you can begin to craft your own unique lettering style and designs.

Use every idle moment to create something beautiful.

Our goal with this kit is to support your fundamental understanding of hand lettering through the digital medium. We take a deep dive into the techniques so you can achieve excellence in your lettering.

Hand Lettering Kit

Clear, visual instruction that moves with you.

Refine your skills anywhere

Made specifically for Procreate on the iPad, the Hand Lettering Kit allows you to practice your craft any time, anywhere.

Procreate practice worksheets

Our easy-to-use Procreate worksheets offer traceable layers to improve your hand-eye coordination in the most intuitive way.

Three custom brushes

We made three custom Procreate brushes—chalk, brush, and monoline—for you to practice and try out different styles.

Inside This Course
What’s Included
Inside This Course
What You Will Learn

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From the instructor:
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Emanuele Ricci

Emanuele Ricci is a freelance designer from Italy. Focused on brand identity, hand-lettering, and logo design, he's been collaborating with global brands like SnapChat, The Futur, Blind, The American Meme, Hanson Robotics, Sophia the Robot, Rapha and many others.

Who this is for

This kit is for anyone looking to brush up on traditional hand lettering principles.

Regardless of your experience level, the Hand Lettering Kit is the perfect tool to help you refine your craft. You’ll be surprised at how your skills will sharpen after each practice session. Work your creative muscles wherever you are:

  • Logo Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Lettering Artists
  • Illustrators

Hand Lettering Kit

Master the art of hand lettering one stroke at a time with this all-in-one kit.

What's inside
  • Procreate practice worksheets
  • iPad & Procreate tips and tricks
  • Custom Procreate brushes
  • Instructional guidebook
  • Lifetime updates