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Justin Cone

In each of our lives, an opportunity to make it big and make a quantum leap forward in our career knocks only so many times.

Motionographer Founder
Motionographer Founder

Motionographer Founder

Justin Cone
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What does it mean to be a "King Maker"? With great power comes great responsibility.

And if there's one thing we can advise, it’s to grab a hold of an unmissable opportunity when it presents itself. We’ve been fortunate at Blind to have answered that knock and see major success from it. We’ve been able to gain massive attention through our awards and recognition, but there was a moment in time where we didn’t know how to fully take advantage of that moment. Our guest today, Justin Cone, has had a great opportunity knock on his door, and in this episode, we’ll see if he’s made the most of it.

What does it mean to be a "King Maker"? With great power comes great responsibility. Chris talks to Justin Cone about how motion industry favorite website,, came together, the ripple effect of being on their "Cream Of The Crop" list, and the landscape of revenue creation and usefulness for sites like his have changed over the last decade.

Motionographer was launched back in 2006, and is one of the biggest resources for motion professionals. At one point, they were the number one resource.

Justin has worked in many different roles at different companies, and has seen the industry from many different perspectives. This might sound like an advantage, yes, but he admits that the bad side to it is that he’s never deeply explored one area.

After leaving a full-time position back in 2014, Justin decided to dive into motionographer-related activities full-time. Currently, he is a full-time motionographer; writing, editing, and working with a team to grow his business. In the very near future, Justin hopes to be making software and products that make people’s lives better.

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