The Art of Communication

When things don’t work out, people sometimes say it’s an issue of communication.

From a work perspective, this happens pretty frequently. Emails get misinterpreted, requests are mistaken for demands, or lack of eye contact could signal distrust. These all fall under communication, and can be fixed with a simple understanding of how to communicate in a professional setting.

On this episode of the Futur, Chris goes into depth on the art of communication. He also shares a technique about how to talk about anything, being transparent, and taking the friction out of difficult topics.

Word choice, tone, and delivery of messages all impact how someone might receive the information being given.

Here’s the thing: there will never be a good time for bad news, or a serious confrontation. Understandably, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or come off as too mean. There are ways to set conversations up so that both people walk away feeling good about what was said.

First, if you feel stress or uncomfortable at all going into the conversation, let the other person know. Maybe you’re asking for a raise, an opportunity to grow within the company, or letting a colleague know they need to step it up. Tell them why you feel what you’re feeling, and why or how you want things to change.

Confrontation, whether positive or negative, is not always the easiest thing to do. For all of us creatives, we might have missed a few classes or lessons on public speaking and the art of communication. But there’s no need to lose hope. With empathy and practice, communication will become easier to approach and handle.

For more specific examples of how to master the art of communication, listen in to this episode.