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Designer Portfolio Reviews — Young Guns Ep.2

What should designers include in their portfolios?

There’s no denying the power of a well-made portfolio. But what exactly does a good portfolio consist of?

In this second episode of our Young Guns series, Chris and designer Emily Tie critique five designer’s portfolios and review their work based on 4 criteria: social media marketing, presentation of work, clarity of service, and personality of their brand.

The Young Guns consists of a group of five up and coming designers from around the world, working together to achieve their goals and improve their design skills.

As Chris and Emily review the Young Guns' portfolios, we’ll dive deep into the four major criteria, and how you can apply each one to your portfolio.

Social Media Marketing

If you want to attract potential clients to your website, establishing a solid social media presence is essential. Regardless of the platform you choose to post content, make sure that you’re publishing consistently.

Provide value to your followers, engage in conversations with them online, and communicate who you are. Publish content that gives insight into your design process, or shows your skillset. Share your challenges, wins, and lessons.

When you clearly define your social media strategy, you can build a solid following of potential clients and other creatives looking to learn from you.

Presenting Your Work

Your portfolio is an important piece to selling your services, but showing images of your work won’t cut it.

Take the person viewing your portfolio on a tour guide through your work. Share the process, the strategy, and the steps you took to get from point A all the way to the finished product.

Clarity of Service

Who are you, and what service(s) do you provide? Clearly state what services you provide on the home page and services page of your website so anyone visiting your site knows whether or not to reach out.

For example, if you’re a brand identity designer, define what that is and the deliverables that come with a brand identity project. If you just say you provide branding services, you’re offering is too broad. Get specific and clear as to how you can help potential clients.

Brand Personality

Your website and social media marketing efforts have to reflect your own brand’s personality. The way you communicate to leads and followers should directly reflect your brand.

This comes through in the color palette you choose, the typeface you use on your website, imagery, and copy.

While you are a designer, don’t forget that you’re a human. Show some personality to connect with others through your work.

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