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How She Went From Charging $0 to $5k For Strategy in 6 Months

Is it possible to get paid for your thinking?

It absolutely, 100% is. In this video, Chris sits down with Melinda Livsey and catches up with what she’s changed in her business.

Melinda is the founder and brand strategist behind Marks and Maker. Her aim is to teach other graphic designers how to charge for strategy and increase their value in the marketplace.

After working with Chris and being coached, Melinda’s revamped her entire approach to onboarding clients, and in turn, has seen drastic growth in revenue and leads. She went from charging $0 to $5,000 just for strategy.

How did she do it?

How did she go from giving potential clients short questionnaires to diving into their minds, helping them unearth their goals, and delivering design work that knocked them out of the park?

Through asking questions. Maybe you’ve heard Chris say it before, but guiding the conversation with questions is the best way to get to the root of the client’s problem—because if they’re in the room with you talking about a design project, chances are they’re faced with a challenge.

Melinda’s process goes through three phases: strategy, objectives, and deliverables. She gains clarity and focus on the client’s problem, helps them identify their goals (whether that’s revenue, refining the identity, or building awareness), and delivers design work that matches up.

Part of what’s contributed to Melinda’s success are her beliefs and personality. What she believes is possible, along with the way she views herself as a creative professional, has all changed. With a simple shift in her mindset, coupled with coaching, Melinda’s literally and figuratively turned her business around.

If you’ve always done things a certain way, but aren’t seeing the results you want, isn’t it time to change the way you operate? Sure, change is scary and uncomfortable, but if there’s one thing to learn from Melinda, it’s to turn your fear into sheer excitement for what lies ahead.

Learn how Melinda approaches each strategy session by watching the video above.

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