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How To Charge More For Logo Design

What do you need to do to charge $10k for a logo design?

Is it possible to charge more for a logo? How is it possible that some designers can charge tens of thousands of dollars more for essentially the same work? What can you start doing to charge more for logos?

In this episode, Chris and Melinda talk about the details of the logo. It’s definitely a head-scratcher when you learn that there are some designers charging $18,000+, when you’re charging $3,000 or more, or even less. Melinda’s wondering how she can start to charge more for her logo work.

If you have a ceiling for the prices of your logo designs, how did you get to that price point? Why is that the ceiling you’ve decided to stick with? What’s stopping you from charging more?

Whether you’ve been in business for years, months, or days, how you present your work can impact your pricing strategy. Some beginners feel like they can’t charge as much as the industry veterans. And that’s OK, maybe they aren’t in a place to charge over $10k for a logo just yet. But if you understand your value as a designer and the deliverables you can produce, all it takes to charge more is communicating that value.

One way to do this is through your website. Is your website conveying a sense of professionalism and high quality? Is the work displayed in your portfolio communicating that same message? Now, we’re not saying to include more vivid imagery in your portfolios. Walk your website visitors through the process of your projects. Show them what they are, or potentially, investing in. Give them a sense of the attention to detail and thoroughness you incorporate into each design.

Figuring out how to price your services can be a little unnerving at first. But with these tips from Chris to Melinda, you’ll be well on your way to charging more for your logo designs.

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