The State of Design Education

Two episodes ago, we were wrapping up the two-part series with Nick Campbell of Greyscalegorilla. Chris and Nick proceeded to keep rolling with the conversation. They ask each other questions regarding business, marketing, strategy, and scalability of each of their platforms.

In this episode, Chris and Nick chat about the differences between a fully scalable, product-oriented model (Greyscalegorilla) vs. mentorship approach (MoGraph Mentor) and everything in between. They also chat about the current and future states of design education.

The state of design education is quickly changing. For people like Nick and Chris who are in the business of providing education to others, they share some tips on how to get more involved with the online creative community and continue to learn and grow. They recommend joining forums, attending workshops, being active on social media, finding meetups in your area, and networking.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely endeavor. As a business owner, Nick has often contemplated bringing on a business coach to help him scale. You can bring in friends and family along the journey to consult with and have as a support system. But that often brings a difference of opinions and friction.

If you are considering hiring a CPA or a business coach, know that it is an investment. It is not something that comes at a low price, and is not something to slack on. Your business coach will push you, challenge you, and help you go the extra mile in your career. They want to make sure you get as much value as possible out of your time together.

If you move forward with the business coach, how do you proceed? In order to begin scaling, you need to invest further; this time, into people who will bring value to your business and help build it up. Chris shares how he scaled his team at The Futur to produce educational content to creatives that has had its fair share of viral moments.