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Jonathan Rudolph

Picture this: you’ve been a designer for a couple of years, worked gigs around the world, and decide to create an Instagram account. Instead of using it as a photo diary and letting everyone know where you just had lunch, you use it as a record of things that inspire you. Well, that’s just what our guest, Jonathan Rudolph, did.

Logo Inspirations
Logo Inspirations

Logo Inspirations

Jonathan Rudolph
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Jonathan Rudolph had been working as a graphic design for years, in different countries, when he decided to use his Instagram account as a public database.

Jonathan had been working as a graphic design for many years in many different countries, when he decided to use his Instagram account as a public database for logos that inspired him the most. At the time of this recording, the account, Logo Inspirations, has grown to half a million followers in the span of three years. Jonathan is now responsible for a community of design lovers from all over the world. He also has access to a world of inspiration, seeing what other designers and creatives are up to. In this episode, we're going to talk about his journey, what it's like to run a popular Instagram account, day to day, and how he navigates the online business world.

Jonathan’s worked in Sri Lanka, studied in Australia, and headed to Dubai for another job. After bouncing from country to country for some time, he created Logo Inspirations in 2014 as a hobby. Today, the count has an impressive 1 million followers.

The subject of sharing another creative’s work is quite interesting. Where some see an opportunity for copyright infringement, others see it as a simple act of saying, “Hey, you should check out this amazing design I just stumbled on.” So where does Logo Inspirations fall on this line and in this conversation? How does Jonathan find logo designs to feature without running into tricky territory? You’ll just have to listen to find out.

Be sure to check out Logo Inspirations on Instagram, and get inspired.

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