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As a creative entrepreneur, you may find yourself at a crossroads. When you’re running a business, situations unexpectedly pop up that are hard to push through.

The Knowledgeable Outsider
The Knowledgeable Outsider

The Knowledgeable Outsider

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As a creative entrepreneur, you may find yourself at a crossroads. It may be a small one, or it may be a big one.

Sometimes, it’s something small. A slight bump in the road. Other times, it’s something really big; the kind of situation that feels like the weight of the world has collapsed onto your shoulders.

One of the most valuable tools to have in your kit when things start to get a little out of sorts is the Knowledgeable Outsider; someone who can look at what your going through with an objective point of view and shed light on the things you can’t see. This is a person or team of people that have been through the same situation you're going through, and want to see you succeed.

In this week’s conversation, Chris talks to Tim Thompson and Joel Pilger of Revolution Thinking (RevThink) a consulting agency that specializes in being that Knowledgeable Outsider for the creative entrepreneur. Tim and Joel share how they joined forces to create their consultancy, how they work through problems, and the importance in helping create a future for businesses.

RevThink offers consulting services for creative entrepreneurs of the world. They come alongside owners of motion design studios, animation studios, production companies, sound design studios, etc. to accelerate their impact, growth, and profitability.

So what exactly does a consultant do in an industry like the creative one? What does consulting even mean? Consultants mostly work with business owners to help them achieve financial and business requirements, as well as meet their career goals.

As a former business owner himself, Joel empathizes with clients and brings a personal approach to his consulting practice. Tim, a creative industry veteran, and former self-titled “freelance CEO,” began consulting for other creatives and helping them meet their career goals.

Tune in to this episode to learn how this duo from RevThink helps creatives smash their business.

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