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The Worst Things That Clients Have Said To Me

What are some of the harshest things clients have ever said to you?

Facing rejection is not easy. It’s even harder when the rejection comes with some negative words to bring you down even harder. When this happens in a client-facing setting, though, how do you respond?

You’ve probably heard a number of mean things from clients:

“My wife doesn’t like it.”

“You’re too expensive. I can just do this myself.”

“You don’t have enough experience.”

“What else do you have to show me?”

“I hate it."

Yes, we’ve heard it all, too.

In this video, Chris shares some snapshot lessons of how to overcome client objections from his workshop at Neoland: Madrid. He coaches the group on how to work through the toughest objections in the sales cycle.

In Blair Enns’ The Win Without Pitching Manifesto, he writes that it’s up to us as creative people to know what the client’s objections are before they come out of their mouth. We have to anticipate that the client will say no.

When you know what the objections are, that’s when you need to address them upfront. Otherwise, you can come across as being defensive.

Chris encourages the group to always come back to a neutral stance. It’s hard to not get emotionally wrapped up in the heat of the moment, but keeping your cool is what can turn the conversation around.

Let’s say the client is angry. Their tone is sharp, their voice is loud, and they’re just…mad. Rather than focus on that, ask them, “I can hear that you’re upset. Is everything OK?”

Remain neutral, and do your best to stay in “zen mode.” Don’t come into the conversation thinking you’re going to win anything. Come with an intention to help the client. Show that you’re there for them.

As Chris puts it, you have to give up power and influence in order to gain power and influence.

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