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Making the Perfect Beer Commercial – Building A Brand, Ep 10

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the brand video creation process.

In the tenth episode of our hit series, Building a Brand, the team at Blind gears up to shoot the perfect beer commercial for Hamilton Family Brewery.

The production team takes us behind the scenes of each process to plan, shoot, edit, and deliver the video to the Hamilton’s.

Why Create a Brand Video?

Video is increasingly becoming one of the biggest parts of any marketing strategy. Video educates and entertains us, so creating a brand video for clients is a must. It tells their story in a way that connects their current and future customers with their brand.

The goal of the brand video for the Hamilton’s is to demonstrate who they are as a family, as a brewery, and as a member of the Rancho Cucamonga community.

The Three Phases of Production

The video production process is broken down into three parts: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Pre-production is where all the planning takes place. The video team identifies the communication goal of the video, and figures out how to execute this successfully. They’ll select the locations to shoot in, what crew members are needed, and schedule and plan all the shots they need to capture the day of the shoot.

Production involves capturing everything from the picture to sound for the video. The team will get all the raw source material for the final edit.

Finally, post-production is where it all comes together. The raw video and sound is edited into a tight story. Then, the editors layer in music to dictate how they want the viewer to feel. And for the last step, they’ll color-correct and add graphics to make the video pop.

Why is Music So Important?

The biggest challenge for any video is choosing the right music. Music influences our emotions more than the picture. It has a deeper impact, so the music has to be just right, or else the video won’t produce the desired effect.

As Matthew says in the video, if you think shooting, color-correcting, and editing is tough, try finding the perfect music.

Shooting the Beer Commercial

Filming this brand video for the Hamilton’s involved shooting onsite at the brewery and at the Blind studio in Santa Monica, CA. The production team captured b-roll, interviews, and shots of the brewery for the video.

Back at the studio, they captured high-quality b-roll of beer pours to create taste appeal (visuals that tantalize your appetite).

For more on what it takes to make the perfect beer commercial, plus what the Hamilton's had to say about the finished product, watch the full video above.

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