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Pricing Creativity w/ Blair Enns Livestream

Win Without Pitching Manifesto author Blair Enns joins us live to discuss pricing creativity.

Blair Enns is the CEO of Win Without Pitching, author of the Win Without Pitching Manifesto, Account Director at McCann Erickson, and co-host of the 2Bobs podcast. Blair is on a mission to change the way creative services are bought and sold.

“It is the nature of the creative person to solve the problem that you have not previously solved.” Creative people tend to have a personal need for variety, but your business requires you to focus. The first step to narrowing your pricing is to specialize.

Many people find specializing to be very boring or very limiting. But here’s the thing, when you specialize, you set yourself on a path to more opportunities. Blair describes it as opening the closet door to Narnia: there’s more ahead than what you see right now. Niches are filled with other niches and places to go.

Take the first step of specialization slowly and lightly in the beginning. When you’re young and starting out, you have a wider variety of offerings and specialize as you move forward. Try your hand at various things before you double-down on one course. Explore first, then focus.

When you’re ready to start narrowing down your focus, Blair advises to do what he calls the fast-track strategy exercise. It’s a time-constraint given exercise where you write down the opportunities you see in the market. Pinpoint any unmet needs and business opportunities, and don’t limit yourself here, regardless of your skillset or experience.

As a prospective business owner, one of the things you’re going to have to grow comfortable with is money. Specifically, talking about it with clients. Culturally, money has become something people are just scared to talk about, especially in client-seller relationships. Get comfortable with it. Chances are your potential client might be shy around the money subject. If you can be the person to lay it all out on the table for them, you earn much more credibility and trust from the client.

So how do you begin to price your creative services? To find out, you’ll just have to watch the full video.

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