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Graphic Designer Sean Campbell

At 17 years old, graphic designer Sean Campbell is making some serious moves.

When we hit a milestone of 100,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, we decided to celebrate. No parties were thrown, though.

Instead, we put a giveaway together called “Fly Me to The Futur” where one lucky winner would be flown out to Santa Monica to spend the day with us.

That lucky winner was 17-year-old graphic designer, Sean Campbell from New Jersey.

Sean got a full tour of our Blind studio, face time with The Futur team, and even a brief logo critique on his recent work. Sean’s work is impressive. For a self-taught designer almost in his senior year of high school, we couldn’t help but notice the trails this kid’s going to set ablaze.

What’s really interesting about Sean is his innate sense to push himself. He participated in a 30-day logo challenge and posted all of his designs to Instagram to show off his work. Not only that, but he only allowed himself one hour to design each logo.

Sean got his start in graphic design when he started designing and selling t-shirts at 14 years old. He made about $800 through the t-shirt sales, and after flexing his creative muscle, he realized the design aspect was calling out to him.

Sean is a truly driven student of graphic design, and is already taking the same steps as the pros to share his work. He’s consistent on Instagram, and shares video cutdowns of his logo design process. The coolest thing? No one told him to do any of it.

Check out the video above to see more of Sean’s work, and follow him on Instagram @seancampbelldesign.

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