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Start Your Design Career

Master the skills you need to start a design business or land your dream job.

The Design Essentials

New to design? It’s all about effectively communicating in a visual way. Which means you need to learn things like typography, composition, color theory, how to use grids, and a lot more depending on your area of interest. Sound overwhelming? Then just start with these three skills.

The Design Essentials Playlist

Hand-picked resources from The Futur™ Academy to jumpstart your design skills.

typography layout

Typography Design & Art Direction pt. 1

What makes for good type, layout and design? How can you art direct a designer when it comes to typography. Are there any examples or tutorials on critiquing typography for something with a lot of type?


How to Not Suck at Color

How do great artists and designers pick colors for their work? How do you pair colors together? Why do my colors look so bad? In this video, creative director and illustrator Greg Gunn will share 5 important color theory tips that you can apply to your graphic design and digital art.


How To Create Margins For Your Designs

In this video, Viktor shares three methods on how you can create margins. Viktor Baltus is a type designer and illustrator with over 20 years of experience working with Adobe Illustrator and founder of an award-winning package design studio.


Master Identity Design

From initial concept to final delivery, these resources were created with one goal in mind—for you to become an identity design pro.


The Logo Critique Sheet

Before you hit the “Send” button on your next logo submission, give your work that last, hard look to make sure you’ve checked off all your client’s needs with a concise questionnaire we created from the hundreds of hours we’ve spent critiquing other logos.

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Ready to go all in with your design skills? Get all the courses that will help take your design skills to new heights, including Typography 01, Color for Creatives, Logo Design 01, Lettering 01, and Stylescapes.

Grow Professionally

There’s more to growing as a designer than just your hard skills. These personal resources will help you level up and tackle tough mindset blocks.

Become a Pro Group Member

Your days of going it alone are over. The design life can be lonely. Friends and family—they just don’t get it. In The Futur™ Pro Group you’ll find people just like you who are looking to grow as creatives and build lasting friendships.