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Melinda Livsey

Ah, social media. We love to hate it, and hate to love it. It seems as if every creative professional has a social media profile of some kind, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. But why is a social media presence so important nowadays? Can it really impact your lead generation and overall business growth?

Where To Start With Social Media
Where To Start With Social Media

Where To Start With Social Media

Melinda Livsey
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Should you use personal or business accounts when posting on social media? Keep it separate? What should you post? How can I not let negative feedback affect me?

In this episode, Chris and Melinda discuss where to start with social media. For starters, should you use a personal or business account when posting on social media? Keep it separate? What should you post? And with all the haters out there, how do you dodge the negative feedback and not let it affect you?

In Melinda’s case, she’s a little more self-critical when it comes to her two Instagram accounts. The content that most creatives often share are snippets of their work. Sometimes they’ll share images they made specifically for social media. But as soon as those images are uploaded to your social profile, let the chips fall where they may. Slightly detach yourself from the content you publish because when people start throwing darts at you, you won’t take it so personally. It’s just an image on the Internet.

There are so many places online to find information. Social media is quickly becoming one of those places. When your profile is consistent and sticks to one theme (let’s say, showing your brand identity work), people know what to expect and will more than likely continue to follow you. Think of your profile as a magazine spread.

So what’s the secret to gaining a steady social following? Give value. If you teach somebody something, they’re likely to tune in because you’re helping them grow in some way. Do it with intention. Share your own discovery and process. In doing so, people get on board with that easily.

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