School Of Motion Founder Joey Korenman

Clients who are less experienced will always come to you with what they want, or at least, what they think they want. But it’s not our place to help them figure that out. We have to help them figure out what they need.

In this episode, Chris sits down with Joey Korenman to talk about his journey from designer to educator, and opening the online education platform School of Motion. They also discuss what it means to know what you're worth, and the fine art of discovering what a client needs, versus what they want.

It’s an unfortunate truth that creatives don’t charge what they are worth. Many freelancers and business owners struggle to communicate their value to clients. Is the idea of earning $500 or more by the hour as a creative too far-fetched? Not for Joey. He stood out to Chris in a group discussion when he was the only one with his hand raised when asked, “Who earns $500 or more per hour?”

So, what makes him different? How can he charge this much? Why is someone like him worth so much more? Well, he doesn’t exactly earn $500 hour. He notes it’s more of a mindset thing.

In the process of building his online platform, School of Motion, Justin’s “superman-syndrome” (trying to do everything) got in the way of scaling his business. He hired a business coach to help him out. She instructed him to outsource for the smaller roles, like responding to emails, and start to raise his rates as the business grew. The $500 per hour is a number that includes paying other people to do the work.

But how do you even get to a number like this? Tune in to this episode to find out.

The School of Motion is an online school for motion designers. They run training programs for animation, design, and characters. They also host free content for motion designers, like tutorials and podcasts.

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