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Fabian Geyrhalter

Since Story Brand author Donald Miller came out and said marketing is the first and most important thing you do as a company, it caused quite a ripple in the branding and marketing spaces. We sit down with Melinda Livsey and Fabian Geyrhalter to discuss the merits of both marketing and branding.

Marketing Versus Branding
Marketing Versus Branding

Marketing Versus Branding

Fabian Geyrhalter
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Melinda Livsey & Fabian Geyrhalter discuss the merits of both marketing and branding.

Do people need to be familiar with your brand first before they can start to build a connection with it? If that’s the case, would that make marketing more essential than branding?

According to Building a StoryBrand author, Donald Miller, companies shouldn’t even be thinking about branding until they’ve hit the $50 million revenue mark. In a recently published video, he mentioned that “branding is a luxury” and “marketing is where you really make your money.” Needless to say, this caused quite a stir for creatives, as well as an interesting conversation.

Joining us on the podcast today is Melinda Livsey and Fabian Geryhalter. If you don’t know Melinda--what, do you live under a rock? Kidding. Melinda’s a good friend of ours here at The Futur and is the founder of Marks and Maker. Fabian is a long-time friend of Chris’s and founder of FINIEN, a brand consultancy.

In this episode, we take a deep look into the merits of both branding and marketing, and try our hand at determining which one is more important to a business. We discuss the origins of both, and our perspective on how each one plays a role in growing a business successfully.

What’s the difference between branding and marketing? There are many ways to differentiate the two, but to put it simply, marketing is what you say something is. Branding is what they (your audience) say it is.

Well then, which one should come first? If you’re a brand new company, would you choose to establish your brand off the bat, or start with your marketing efforts? If you had $100,000 as a new business, would you spend it on branding, marketing, or both? Is there even a right or wrong answer here?

Fabian and Melinda are both brand strategists and offer some interesting insight to the conversation. Tune in to this episode to hear their perspective on the subject along with Chris.

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