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Greg Gunn

Where do you fit in the post-production food chain?

Moving from Makers to Entrepreneurs
Moving from Makers to Entrepreneurs

Moving from Makers to Entrepreneurs

Greg Gunn
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Where do you fit in the post-production food chain?

Greg Gunn and Chris Do discuss the state of the design industry and how you can level up in the field from being a maker to an entrepreneur.

If you work in the motion design industry, you’ve experienced all kinds of ups and downs. Trends have come and gone, risen and fallen. You think, “maybe this year, things will go back to the way they were.”

The truth is, they won’t. The industry is in a constant state of change. It’s the motion design industry, after all.

But even outside of motion design, things are continuously changing. Mobile usage and traffic is only increasing. Convenience and speed are two demands that consumers prioritize more and more each day, from just about any type of business.

So what can creatives do? Predicting the future is hard, we know that. But adaptation might be even harder. The ability to change the way you work, or learn new things, is a tough thing to do. You’ve told yourself, “this is what works. It’s what’s always worked.” In this constant, rapid state of change, though, things can only work for a certain period of time.

How do you move up the value chain? First off, don’t accept things for the way they are. Participate in the changes happening around you and learn about what’s going on. Staying complacent almost guarantees you’ll be left behind.

If you work in motion design, you’re most likely the person who makes things. You’re able to tell stories in ways no one else can. You can articulate, visualize, and manifest things to happen. In short, you’ve got talent.

Now it’s time to take that talent and move up the food chain. It’s the only way you’ll stay afloat and survive. When everyone else around you is leveling up, learning new skills, and adapting to the rapid pace of change, do you want to drown in complaints?

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