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Trung Bao

Going your own way and pursuing your passion is a route that’s not always available.

Going Your Own Way
Going Your Own Way

Going Your Own Way

Trung Bao
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Vietnamese American Trung Bao talks about how he learned to just go for it and where it led him.

Living out your dream isn’t always easy. There are plenty of setbacks life can throw our way, making it harder to push forward and keep trying. Maybe your family has a plan for you and they don’t agree with yours. Or maybe your access to support is just limited.

Our guest today is here to talk about why he’s not afraid to do what he loves. Vietnamese American Trung Bao shares how he learned to just go for it and where it led him.

Growing up in a communist country, Trung’s story is truly inspiring. If you’re looking for a design hero in this episode, Trung is not that. He’s not a designer; he’s a beatboxer. Hailing from Hanoi, Vietnam, he got started in beatboxing after attending a show where he saw a group of beatboxers perform live. It was from that day forward Trung decided to follow a similar path.

Now typically, children of immigrant parents are often raised with their parents thinking “I’ll do everything I can to give my children a better life.” Oftentimes, immigrant parents set expectations for their children’s careers when they become adults. But in Trung’s case, his parents had a very American way of thinking; supporting him on his journey to study in the US and pursue his dream of beatboxing.

Needless to say, this threw Chris a little off course.

Trung makes it very clear in his music that he’s not looking for permission or approval of any sort. He’s just here to do his thing. It’s a mindset we can adopt and practice in everything we do, whether that’s in our career or in our personal lives.

Tune in to this episode to hear Trung’s story, and even get a little beatbox lesson.

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