Designer and Podcaster Diane Gibbs II

This is the second half of our conversation with Diane Gibbs. It should be noted that this episode contains some disturbing content and may not be appropriate for some listeners.

Recently, Chris went looking for some answers regarding gender inequality issues in design and opened himself up to the internet community. Diane Gibbs, a designer and podcaster from Alabama reached out with an open heart and mind, interested in helping him to find answers. We dive a little deeper into Diane’s past, and how her experiences through college shaped her into who she is today.

Now a teacher, Diane takes us through her inclination to teach and inspire others the same way she was supported during her time in college. As she says, “I love design, but I love people more.”

How does she connect with students? Simply through active listening. Just like you would with a client, Diane notes that she pays extra close attention to what students are saying or asking in order to help them in a way that yields results.

And with her podcast, Diane brings her talent of active listening and asking questions to create interesting conversations with her guests.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about the business side of things along with Diane’s teaching career. Diane is the host of a podcast titled Design Recharge. We’ll learn more about it and where her show is headed.

Want to learn more about Diane?

Behance: https://www.behance.net/dianegibbs

And check out her podcast, The Design Recharge Show.