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Matthew Workman

In this episode of The Futur podcast, Chris Do sits down with Matthew Workman of Cinematography Database to learn how he used YouTube to his advantage.

Cinematography Database
Cinematography Database

Cinematography Database

Matthew Workman
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How do you use social media to grow a business?

Ever tuned into Cinematography Database on YouTube? The popular channel features videos on lighting setups, shots, gear, and super technical specs for cinematographers.

Joining us on the podcast today is none other than Cinematography Database creator, Matthew Workman. He’s best known for his YouTube channel that he started building after years in the industry shooting music videos, films, and commercials. He's also been working on a Cinema4D plugin called Cine Designer for a while now.

In this episode, Chris talks to Matthew about YouTube, using his channel as a jumping-off point for business, and trying to balance multiple projects with the demands of everyday life. They’ll also be talking about social media and the tools Matthew’s working on to help others achieve their vision.

What changed Matthew’s mindset and approach to his work? He points it to three main things. The first is Gary Vaynerchuk’s method of documenting what you’re doing, instead of trying to create something just for the sake of creating. Number two: the book, Show Your Work, by Austin Kleon. Kleon points out in his writing that the way to get discovered is to create something people haven’t seen before, which really got Matthew moving. The final point is to learn and understand the platform you’re on and publishing to; whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, there’s a place for a specific type of content.

As a solopreneur, you’re bound to wear many hats: marketer, salesperson, project manager, designer, director, and bookkeeper. For Matthew, the roles of marketer and salesperson began to blend into one; so much so that he began chasing after the numbers (whether they were impressions or streams of his podcast) that he eventually had to take a step back and realign himself.

Going your own way comes with its challenges and rewards, and Matthew’s journey is a testament to the trials, errors, and successes that comes with solopreneurship.

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