A New School w/ Austen Allred

Higher learning. Higher earning.

The Lambda School is designed for student success. They train aspiring software engineers and data scientists in live, online classes to get a career in the software engineering space. Tuition is 100% free until students start earning $50,000 or more in the field they’re studying. There’s no upfront payment to the school. The educators don't get paid until the students do, so they’re in this together; from their first day of classes to the first day on the job — and beyond.

Our guest on the podcast today is Austen Allred, the man with a plan to make computer science education even more accessible. A software engineer himself, Austen’s original plan was to create the kind of computer science school he could attend. In this episode, we learn about the Lambda School's course structure, the success rate of students, and what sparked this revolutionary education program.

Austen grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was never a big fan of school. At one point in his life, he was homeless while living in Silicon Valley. From there, he worked at a company in San Francisco called LendUp, and started the Lambda School just two years after leaving his job.

Coming from a small town to the big city of San Francisco, Austen noticed a major discrepancy in the opportunities between the two cities. For software engineers from Austen’s small home town, the idea of picking up a job in tech or even learning how to code was inconceivable. The best schools were out of state, and the tuition costs were out of the question. So, he did what anyone else would do (at least we think so): bring the classroom to the students.

Tuition costs for higher education rack up to an exorbitant amount. So when we learned that Austen had created a tuition-free school, it sounded pretty crazy at first. But when we dig deeper into how Austen Allred structures the Lambda School, you'll start to wonder why all schools aren't doing the same.

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