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Ben Burns

Chief Operating Officer

Ben Burns

Chief Operating Officer

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Why consult with Ben?

If you're looking for tactical, actionable advice about growing a creative business, finding more clients, and building scalable processes, Ben is a great fit.


A Letter
From Ben

Get the blueprint you need

I've been in your shoes... not too long ago. I was freelancing in my garage, doing $50 logos and $400 websites. It's true. I used to be ashamed to admit it.

In those days, all I wanted was for someone to show me the way. Someone to give me their blueprint and help me grow a successful, sustainable studio.

Eventually, I found incredible mentors (Chris Do was one of them). But before I did, I made so many mistakes... mistakes that I want to help you prevent.

Hindsight is 20/20. And looking back, I knew better! I knew I shouldn't take on that low-paying job. I knew I should have spent more time working on my business than in it. I knew I should have worked harder at discovering who my ideal customer really is.

I knew what I wanted: I had a shiny goal in front of me but I had no idea how to get there. What I needed was someone to shoot straight with me, to call me on all the short-term thinking, and to give me a fresh, outside perspective.

Once I had that... I was unstoppable. What was once $50 projects turned into $30,000, $45,000 projects and more.

If you know what you want, and you're feeling a little lost, I invite you to have a conversation with me. We'll work together on getting you where you want to be. And I'll be nice... mostly.

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How It Works

The key to building a blueprint is to know two things:

1.) Where you want to end up and

2.) Where you are now. Before you schedule our call, I want you to put together goals for your business and your personal life.

Answer questions like these:

Where do you want to be in a year?

What kind of company do you want to have built?

What are your average revenue and expenses over the past three years?

How much revenue does the typical client bring in?

What do you want to get out of the call?

Once you have those in mind — or written down, preferably — click the button below to schedule our call. You'll have access to my calendar to pick a time and date that works best for you.

Ben will review your information before the video call. Once the call is complete, you'll receive a call recap and the recording. In the recap, Ben gives you homework and action items to complete (as discussed).

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Ready for Private Coaching?


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Note: If you’ve previously worked with Chris in a coaching capacity, you qualify for legacy pricing. Email us ([email protected]) for details.

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Follow Ben

Ben helps growing businesses increase revenue, expand brand awareness, and earn happier customers.

Currently, he serves in a dual role as both the Chief Operating Officer of The Futur and as Digital Creative Director at Blind.

The Futur helps creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs develop personally and professionally by providing premier digital educational content. Ben leads the talented marketing and operations teams, who have succeeded in increasing revenue 300% year over year for the past three years.

Blind is a brand strategy consultancy specializing in technology, real estate, and entertainment. Ben leads a team of designers, writers, and technologists and participates in select client projects.

Balancing responsibilities between these two incredible companies is the adventure of a lifetime.

Most importantly, Ben is a father to two incredible little girls. #dadlife