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Recap: Futur Pro Group Meetup

The first Futur Pro Group Meetup of its kind.

Talk about perks of membership! We just wrapped up the first (of many) Futur Pro meetup on Saturday, March 4, 2017. If you missed it, here’s how it went:

11:00 AM – Temescal Canyon Park. 3.2-mile hike. We stopped at the top of the mountain overlooking the entire bay area, reflecting on how far each one of us had come, and talked about our goals for the year.

1:00 PM – Freshly squeezed juice at a small shop in the Pacific Palisades. Broke for showers.

3:00 PM – Intense sit down at The Futur HQ (Blind). We continued our chat about goals, talked about perception and roadblocks. Seeing everyone contributing and getting real, hardcore business advice from Chris and The Futur team was awesome.

7:00 PM – Authentic Korean barbecue in LA’s Koreatown. Great way to sum up the day.

Check out what some had to say about the event:

“Yesterday was the most active, yet informative session meetup I’ve ever been to! Today was my rest day. Inspired as I was and am from the festivities, I decided to do a self-reflection on myself about my skills, goals, strengths, improvements, etc. based on yesterday’s conversation.” – Jennifer L.

“We all feel blessed be to be apart of this incredible journey. William and I received royal treatment from everyone and we can’t wait for the conference in September.” – Tina W.

But honestly, we think the pictures say more than we can:

From all of us here at The Futur, thank you all for showing up and making this an event to remember.

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