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The Futur’s Notion Resource Library

Introducing The Futur’s Notion resource library. A living document with both free and paid resources to provide you with all the best Notion resources, in one place.

What’s Included?

Free resources

Paid Resources

Free Resources

Whether you're just getting started with Notion or looking to do a deep dive into a new feature, our free resources are a great starting point. We've curated a list of blogs, websites, guides, YouTube channels, and templates.

Blogs, Websites and Guides

Notion’s how-to guides

NotionVIP -

Rad Reads

Thomas Frank


Video Library

Red Gregory -

Optemization -

Youtube Channels

Notion -

August Bradley -

William Nutt -

Thomas Frank -

Marie poulin -

Ali Abdaal -

Khe Hy -

Notion Templates


Notionway -

Notionology -

Thomas Frank -

Red Gregory -

Paid Resources

Can't seem to find what you're looking for in our free resources? Here's a list of premium products, templates, and marketplaces to help you best make use of your Notion workspace.




Notion Life Design

Notion Mastery

The Smart Studio Solution

Notion Templates and Marketplaces

Notion Everything



Thomas Frank

Notion Pages

Red Gregory



Want to take the next step with Notion?

Check out Opsys, our all-in-one template to manage projects, clients, and sales for your agency, studio, or freelance business.

Joel Shaw

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