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May 21

Building a Creative Team That’s Positioned for Growth

At The Futur, we teach you how to marry your creative juices with business savvy so you can make a living doing what you love. And once you succeed at that, which you absolutely will, the next phase is ... growth.

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Whether you’re ready to expand your one-person shop or already managing an entire creative team, growth can make it challenging to keep the creativity vibe strong while also minding the bottom line. Where do you start, and how do you make the right strategic choices to grow both your business and the humans in it?

I have some ideas for you, and on Wednesday, May 26 at 9:30am PT, I will be breaking it down with Adam Morgan, host of the Real Creative Leadership Podcast, at a special live event, Building a creative dream team that’s positioned for growth.

Join us to learn how to design, build, and lead your creative dream team. We’ll be talking about:

  • Creating a vision for your team
  • Who to hire first, next, and next
  • How to organize and prioritize your work and your team
  • Finding balance for yourself and your business

Sign up now, and get started building your creative dream team. This event is sponsored by Adobe Creative Cloud for teams. Register for the May 26 event here.

About Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is an executive creative director at Adobe ensuring the writing and creative execution is world class across the enterprise. He’s a marketing and advertising veteran of nearly 25 years, and was a creative director at several international ad agencies. He is also the author of Sorry Spock, Emotions Drive Business: Proving the Value of Creative Ideas With Science.

Chris Do

Chris Do is an Emmy award winning director, designer, strategist and educator. He’s the Chief Strategist and CEO of Blind, executive producer of The Skool, and the Founder and CEO of The Futur— an online education platform that teaches the business of design to creative thinkers.