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How Do I Know What I’m Good At? Finding Your Super Power

“The journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.”

How do you lead a purpose-driven life? How do you know what you’re good at to do this? It doesn’t take much to find your latent super power. In fact, if you want to learn what your life’s work should be, discovering your superpower is just one simple exercise away.

In this video, Chris delivers a speech at the Digital Design Days conference in Madrid on finding your superpower. He shares how he went from starting an award-winning motion & brand design consultancy, to teaching at one of the most prestigious art schools, to creating The Futur.

He shares an exercise with the audience on how to discover your super power:

  1. Define your skill. What is it that you’re good at? This can be more than one thing, so write them all down.
  2. Think about what makes you happy. What brings you the most joy? What excites you?
  3. Locate opportunities. What social, economic, or political trends are growing around you?
  4. Identify your passions. What do you geek out over?
  5. Think of a service you can offer. What can you do to improve the human condition, and how?

When each of these five prompts overlap, your super power will become clearer and clearer. Take your experiences, passions, and knowledge, and see what service you can give to the world. The more areas you overlap. the greater your super power will be.

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