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Beer Brewery Makeover — Building a Brand, Ep. 11

How do you properly hand off your design work to clients?

When all the design work is complete, there’s just one thing left to do: pass it down for the client to use. But with that comes a major risk. How do you know whether or not the client will mess with the designs you worked so hard to create?

In the 11th and final episode of our Building a Brand series, Matthew, Ben, and the team at Blind get ready to hand off the brand style guide to the Hamilton’s. Over the past year, the designers at Blind have been working to rebrand the visual identity of Hamilton Family Brewery.

They’ve created a new logo, website, package design for their beer cans, and brand video for the Hamiltons to unveil their new brand in their homegrown brewery, as well as in retail stores.

Since the Hamiltons don’t have an internal design team, passing the brand style guide off to Josh and Crysten needs to be done carefully.

What is a Brand Style Guide?

A brand style guide (also known as a brand book, brand guideline, brand bible, or style manual) is the best way to hand off a branding project to a client. Their purpose is to make sure a brand stays visually consistent across every touchpoint.

The brand style guide serves as a set of rules on how to use the logo, colors, and any other piece of the visual identity. It establishes the visual guidelines for assets that will get created down the road.

Why are they so important?

Imagine seeing your work out in the wild, 6 months after you’ve completed the project. But there’s just one (well, maybe more than one) problem. The logo’s not quite right.

In fact, the logo looks nothing like the one you produced. It’s been resized, the colors have been adjusted, there’s a drop shadow—in your eyes, your work has been tainted.

This is where brand style guides come in handy. They prevent clients and in-house design teams from altering the design work you hand off to them. It keeps your work intact and consistent across every piece of collateral created.

So... how did the Hamilton’s do?

To Ben and Matthew’s surprise, Josh and Crysten Hamilton unveiled the brewery's new brand all at once. Rather than reveal the rebrand in gradual phases, they rolled out their new identity instantly.

And the results? Well, you’ll just have to tune into the full episode to find out.

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