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Greg Gunn

Chief Creative Officer

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Greg Gunn is a creative director fascinated by design, technology and motion. He’s Creative Director at acclaimed design consultancy, Blind, and an author for educational platform, The Futur.

He spent the last decade working with a variety of brands (e.g. Snapchat, Disney, Microsoft, Starbucks, Riot Games) to create commercials, music videos and branded content that blends design, animation, live action and user experience for screens of all sizes and needs.

His work has been featured in national and international publications like Mashable, Rolling Stone, Tech Crunch, Creators Project, Giphy, The Webbys, Stash Magazine, IdN and Los Angeles Business Journal to name a few.

Greg enjoys speaking in front of friendly crowds looking for clarity and motivation. He’s appeared on several industry podcasts and writes a serialized blog about managing creative business called TLDR.