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Sell Without Selling Pro Group Call

Watch as Chris Do hosts a live call with the Pro Group and uncovers his unique approach to selling minus the ego and aggressiveness we all dislike.

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As a creative, selling your services might be your least favorite part of being in business, but it’s critical! 

The real problem is, most sales trainings teach you how to sell, sell, sell, and they can often be downright aggressive.

Which is exactly the opposite of how Chris teaches selling.

We’re unlocking this Pro Group call from the archives so you can take a peek inside Chris’ sell-without-selling framework along with roleplaying of client calls so you can see the framework in action and nail your next inquiry call.

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After watching this replay, not only will you have a refreshed perspective on selling, but you’ll also learn:

  • What behaviors move you up and down your client’s “trust ladder”
  • The three steps to closing a sale
  • When it is appropriate to give a "wild ass guess" (WAG) on pricing the client
  • Techniques to help you tune in to your client
  • How to comfortably ask the money question

Press the reset button and and forget about everything you've heard about selling. This is going to change how you and your client both feel during your calls.

Generating solid leads is hard, but actually landing a client and closing the sale can be even harder. In fact, when it comes to closing sales, it seems every business coach out there wants to teach high-pressure, boiler room techniques that only disconnect us from who we are as creatives. This is where Chris Do’s method challenges such norms.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, a brand strategist, an agency owner, or a consultant, this video provides a three-part process to make the phases of a business call even simpler. From understanding the best way to open a call to asking for unspoken objections before your client does, selling your creative work will become more of a collaborative conversation than ever before.

Don't let your monkey robot brain take over! We created a framework so simple that almost anyone without a sales background can become a rockstar overnight by reading directly from the questions Chris provides. You’ll be able to apply these concepts to clients of any size and any budget, and more importantly, they will appreciate your sincerity and empathy in solving their business problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard this before, so how is this different?

If you know Chris Do, you know he offers a lot of value up front without asking for much in return. Unlike other sales presentations, you’ll see how Pro Group members receive a relaxed breakdown of selling that has improved their businesses already.

Do I have to pay for this video?

Nope, not even a single cent. This raw and uncut video is yours for free so you can see firsthand the kind of training Pro Group members receive. Just come back and let us know when it lands you more clients.

Who would benefit most from this video?

Anyone. The world of business might even be a better place if everyone practiced these methods, but for now, we’ll keep this magic between you and the rest of our fellow marketers out there.

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