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Pitch Evaluation Worksheet

You’ve just spent days and possibly weeks putting together a solid deck for your client. The only step left is to go in and present, but before you do, you need to ensure your pitch stands out among the pack. This worksheet will help you make sure it is.

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Do you have a winning pitch?

You’ve spent weeks putting together a pitch deck to present your creative work to a potential client. This, like all opportunities, is one you can’t afford to lose. Your business flourishes or dies based on the projects you can land. Make sure you go into your presentation feeling confident that you’ll walk out a winner. Use the free Pitch Evaluation Worksheet to test your idea.

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You know you’re not the only one pitching, and by using this worksheet you’ll:

  • Have a clear, one-sentence summary of your concept
  • Double check your messaging to the target audience
  • Know with greater confidence why you are the best partner for the project

Just before delivering a pitch, there’s always that thought that cross your mind. You wonder, “Is there anything I’m missing? Will they love it?” It’s only natural and happens to the best of us, but that’s where having a strong pregame review comes into play.

By having one last look from a strategic stance, your pitch will have a much higher chance of landing the contract. Even if you’ve been pitching for years, this worksheet can recalibrate your pitch process to ensure you’re answering all the critical questions your client will have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this help me to win without pitching?

This worksheet will provide you the structure you need to start winning those pitches, and the more you win pitches, the more likely you'll receive referrals for work without having to pitch. So, yes, but pitches are just part of the process.

What if I'm the only agency pitching to the client?

Even in the absence of competition, this worksheet will give you the proper foundation your pitches need so you're prepared for those clients call on more agencies for work.

Will this help me become a better presenter?

By using this worksheet to review your pitch, you'll feel more confident and assured that your pitch has the necessary details to meet your client's needs, which will result in a better presentation.

Download the Worksheet

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