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The Ultimate Color Resource Guide

Whether you’re in the middle of a logo design or finalizing a style guide, choosing the right color palette can be a daunting task. We put together the best resources to make choosing colors a lot easier within your workflow.

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Color can be intimidating

But it doesn’t have to be. Understanding how color works and knowing how to use it is critical to successful design. But maybe you don’t have time for that right now. That’s where the Color Resource Guide comes in. It’s a growing collection of helpful color tools and resources from all over the internet. Designed to help you shortcut your way to better color palettes.

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This guide is going to change the game for your design process, especially if:

  • Your projects, such as websites or apps, require Accessibility options
  • You like enhanced color generators that allow you to view palettes as gradients or see a palette’s luminance map
  • You need to generate a swatch with a single color or photo
  • You want to see what color schemes other designers are actively using

Your color palette is the one piece of the project that ties all the loose ends together, but it doesn't have to be a battle to find the right colors to use. Here's how we make it easier.

As a designer, it is a blessing and a curse to love colors as much as you do. You can spend hours digging through different swatches, but that time can really add up and slow down production if you’re not careful. That’s why we put together this guide that’s filled with the best resources for all of your color needs.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder, right?

Whether you’re working in CMYK, RGB, or need LAB values, each of these resources provide a unique offering to help you focus more on your overall design and less on fighting drop-down menus. Don’t worry though. We did our homework to make sure each of these resources include HEX codes, especially a bonus one we included.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do color generators work?

Color generators are like a slot machines that randomly select complementary colors, and the jackpot is when you find that perfect combination.

How will I know if I need this or not?

If you’ve ever used the “color picker” tool, you’ll totally appreciate each of the resources here. It just makes things so much easier.

Do professionals use resources like this?

Absolutely. Each of them have been developed by designers, and we even use them ourselves!

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