How to Start and Run a Design Business

What do you need to know to start and run a design business?

Successful Businessman & Designer Chris Do imparts experience wisdom and knowledge on the most important issues entrepreneurs face when starting and running a business. Frank Shi, a smart, young entrepreneur on the verge of starting a motion graphics business, asks Chris Do the following questions:

What are some common business mistakes entrepreneurs make in the creative business field?

How do you effectively communicate with business partners?

How do you negotiate fair terms?

How do you sell your company/service w/o much experience to show?

How do you write a mission statement?

How do you communicate who you are and what you do in a sentence?

How do you budget for unexpected things that go wrong in a project: How do you put together a bid?

How to prevent your business from crashing & burning in the first year?

Pros and Cons of running a brick and mortar operation vs. running a fluid, mostly remote team?

Team Building: How to manage and create company culture and inspire the team?