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Lilian Darmono

This is part one of our conversation with Lilian Darmono. Lilian Darmono is a Creative and Art Director specializing in character-driven animated and illustrative pieces.

Character-Driven Animation
Character-Driven Animation

Character-Driven Animation

Lilian Darmono
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Lilian Darmono is a Creative and Art Director specializing in character-driven animated and illustrative pieces.

Her expertise is helping clients communicate their brand message, through a diverse range of aesthetic and mediums.Her spare time is dedicated to helping the creative community flourish through journalism, mentorship, and public speaking engagements. This has included being a speaker at Faux Images Berlin, a guest lecturer at Maryland Institute College of Art, and many more.

In this episode, Lilian shares how she left home to pursue something that would improve her life. From Indonesia to Singapore, to Australia, she’s here to tell her story.

Since she was a young girl, Lilian always loved to draw. But living in a third world country, there wasn’t a whole lot of access to information about how to turn her artistic skills into a career.

Eventually, she studied graphic design in Singapore and Melbourne, Australia. After years of studying graphic design and all of its areas of focus, she ultimately realized “this isn’t for me.”Her initial love of drawing and illustrating was calling out to her much more than graphic design. In her final year of school, she was introduced to After Effects, AKA, Lilian’s second love.

Motion design and animation was her new track. But things would take an unexpected turn: Lilian became very sick. Then, the company she was working at was acquired, and she was laid off.

Surprisingly, her being laid off was the catalyst for Lilian’s aspirations. She began freelancing and traveling back and forth to London to work with clients. Lilian dives into her story of the pursuit of a creative career, from leaving home at the age of 14. Lilian reminds us that it’s possible to achieve our goals, no matter where we are in the world.

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