Learning, Collaboration, Critique & Feedback

Whether you work out of the office or from home, how do you garner feedback and critiques? How do you learn and collaborate with your team?

In the follow-up to our first episode with Greyscalegorilla founder Nick Campbell, Chris and Stewart discuss the conflicts people may have with remote work and working from home, and what it’s like to set your own schedule. They also dive into mindset and working with clients.

Collaboration is a vital piece to any team. The landscape of how people work is changing with remote work becoming more commonplace. With this, though, comes a bit of a divide in preferences.

Some people find great support and motivation at work when they’re surrounded by colleagues and partners who are working towards the same goal. They also find comfort in knowing work starts and begins at a certain time. Others, though, thrive in quiet settings where they can knock their tasks out from the comfort of their own home.

Feedback and critiques will always be present, no matter what setting you decide to work in. Managers, team members, and even clients will always find a way to give you the feedback you need to hear.

When is the right time to ask your client questions? What kind of questions should you ask? What is the right approach when trying to develop a concept with your client?

Regardless of the problem, clients will always come to you looking for a solution. Oftentimes clients will self-diagnose, and even prescribe their own solutions hoping you’ll back them up. This is where asking the right questions makes a landslide of a difference.

It’s important to always hear your client out before you prescribe a solution for them. Just by actively listening to what the client is saying, you can start to figure out what the actual problem is. Then through your questions, you can devise a solution together.