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Welcome to a brand new series on The Futur podcast.

Introducing Deep Dive: After Hours
Introducing Deep Dive: After Hours

Introducing Deep Dive: After Hours

Pro Group
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Welcome to our new series, Deep Dive.

Welcome to a new series on The Futur podcast called Deep Dive.

In this first episode, Chris talks with several members of The Futur Pro Group about their troubles communicating with clients. The conversation winds in and out of advice for learning how to speak clearly, stories from the community and a candid role play between Chris and “the client.”

Pro member, Mo Ismail, kicks off the conversation with the realization that many creative professionals and business owners can’t see that they’re in a good place in their career. They’re concerned about the next thing they have to do, and feel like they can’t move forward until they gain more clarity.

It’s completely natural for us to put pressure on ourselves. We do it probably more than we should, but hey, that’s life. We put pressure on ourselves because we want to feel like we’re moving forward in some way.

But that often comes with a price. Oftentimes, we look at our problems through a magnifying glass. Since we’re the closest to our own problems, we have a better view over every little detail.

What we can do to alleviate some of the pressure is gain some perspective; to step away from the magnifying glass, and look at the bigger picture from afar. Try to see your current challenge through another lens and give yourself some context.

We are so quick to focus on our flaws mishaps rather than the progress we’ve made, and the good things we already have going for us.

When we speak to clients, the same thing happens. We are overly critical of our sales approach and how we speak to clients, and sometimes, it shows.

You have to remember to give yourself credit of how far you’ve come and have yet to go, and that every day’s a learning curve. Instead of asking yourself, “why can’t I do this right?” ask, “what am I doing that’s right?”

Make the space for some context, and put your challenges in perspective.

Be sure to listen to the full episode for even deeper insights and conversations with the Pro Group members.

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