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Matthew Encina


Pocket full of do

Pocket Full of Do

One book, two decades of anecdotes, lessons, and wisdom.

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Why consult with Matthew?

Have you ever found yourself lost– on a project, with a client, or in your career? Having trouble finding out what to do first, or what to do next? If you want an objective perspective and a pragmatic approach to solving your creative challenges, Matthew is here to help.


A Letter
From Matthew

Get the blueprint you need.

The path of the creative person is a challenging one. The constant pressure to improve, to rank with your peers, and to impress clients – it's a noisy battle in our mind. I'm here to help you hear your own voice again and see the way forward.

Whether you're working on your portfolio, improving your process at work, or communicating your ideas with your peers or clients, my goal is to help you avoid becoming overwhelmed, and help you focus on what will make a difference.

I've been working as a creative professional for over 15 years. First, as a designer perfecting my craft. Then as a freelancer, working at the top studios and agencies in LA. I eventually became a young creative managing teams, building production processes, and winning client work. And now, as the Chief Content Officer at The Futur, I oversee all of the content that is released on our channels.

I don't proclaim to have it all figure it out, but I have seen enough to know what has been effective for me, and for others trying to find their way. Personally, I am a constant improver and am always learning, studying, and searching for ways to optimize my productivity and maximize my creative output. If there's a shortcut, I'll find it. And if it's useful, I'll share it with you.

In our sessions together, my goal is simple: I listen to your challenges and offer new ways to look at things, so that we may arrive at a practical solution together that will help you overcome your obstacles.

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How It Works?

When you book a session with Matthew, you'll be prompted with a few questions to help you orient and focus your meeting together. From there you'll receive instructions and links for how you'll connect via video conference.

Make sure you are in a quiet place with high-quality headphones and mic. Please make sure you are free of distractions. That’s it. Matthew will do the rest. Following the call, you will get an audio recording of your conversation along with notes, relevant links to things referenced on the call and action items (as discussed).

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