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Mar 12

Building a Disruptive Brand: Inside Marty Neumeier’s Masterclass

While branding may be a hot topic, it is widely misunderstood.

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You may have heard us preach this a few times, but branding is not a logo, a product, promise, or the marketing assets.

A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization. It’s the understanding a customer has about your business.

The mind behind this branding mantra, Marty Neumeier, is what you’d call an expert when it comes to branding. He’s written several books on the subject, consulted with businesses around the globe, and has led countless creatives and strategists alike to build better brands—including us.

On February 27th & 28th, we had Marty at our HQ to host a branding masterclass and workshop. The 2-day event challenged us break down branding to its fundamentals, and construct a disruptive brand in a matter of hours.

Here’s how the masterclass went:

Breaking Down Branding: Day One

A total of 65 participants shuffled into The Futur HQ equipped with notebooks, laptops, and a thirst for new knowledge. The workshop kicked off with a deep dive of modern brand-building disciplines, definitions, and methods.

With a fresh dose of branding knowledge, the group was ready for the next challenge: building a meaningful and impactful brand.

Teams were broken into groups of 6 and were tasked to come up with a new brand, pitch, and website prototype for a hypothetical business. With the clock working against them, teams had until the end of the day to build a unique and innovative brand that broke from the norm.

To close the first day, groups went up one by one to present their concepts and receive on-the-spot feedback from Marty. Teams were challenged to take their ideas one step further with each critique.

A designer shares his brand identity concept with workshop participants.

Dirty & Certified: Day Two

To wrap up the second and final day of the workshop, teams presented each customer touchpoint for their brands. One group was crowned the winner for their fun, clever and disruptive grocery brand: The Dirty Market.

With the workshop complete, the attendees put their skills to the test once more with a certification exam, and all 65 of them happily walked out as certified Brand Specialists.

Marty Neumeier poses with the winning team from the branding workshop.

Marty’s masterclass brought an exciting and rewarding couple of days to everyone. Not only did we get to tap into the mind of a branding expert, but we also got to lean on his experience, ask deeper questions, and get even more clarity on how an out-of-the-box brand is built.

We think it’s safe to say the participants are ready to shake up the world of branding, and we can’t wait to see what they create next.

Chris Do

Chris Do is an Emmy award winning director, designer, strategist and educator. He’s the Chief Strategist and CEO of Blind, executive producer of The Skool, and the Founder and CEO of The Futur— an online education platform that teaches the business of design to creative thinkers.