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Errol Gerson

Adjunct Professor ACCD

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Pocket Full of Do

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Errol is an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, Business Management, and Leadership at the ArtCenter College of Design.

He’s the Principal of a strategic management consulting firm, Senior Adviser on the board of AIGA Los Angeles, and the author of our Managing Money course.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Errol made his way to the states in 1966 to escape Apartheid and continue his studies. He finished school with an undergraduate degree in Accounting and an MBA in Finance from USC-Marshall School of Business.

At ArtCenter, Errol combines his expertise in financial management and consulting with his curriculum to teach creative students how to make sense of their money.

Errol is an avid reader, Sudoko puzzle solver, and exercise enthusiast. He enjoys cooking and reading the classics—The Velveteen Rabbit, Goodnight Moon, and others—to his grandchildren. He is also authoring a new book on maintaining motivation, titled MOTIV8.