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Apostolos Roussas

Motion Artist

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Apostolos Roussas has a deep passion for motion graphics. Over the past ten years, he has realized the power of motion graphics beyond the screen. He has used it as an effective communication tool to educate people and build businesses. He loves how it combines the best of audio and visual delivery with storytelling to create engaging content that can bring brand stories to life.

Apostolos is an entrepreneur, animator, director, and Chief Strategist at CandyMustache. He has been selected to create and direct animation videos for international corporations such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Hasbro, Village Roadshow, Dixons, Hyundai, Cote d'Or, Cosmote, Media Saturn Europe, and many more.

Apostolos was awarded twice as "Envato's Featured Author" and he is part of Envato's "Hall of Fame" and "Elite Group". His company, CandyMustache is an official Adobe Contributor. It has innovated the motion design field by producing hundreds of video templates and toolkits that have been used for music and corporate videos, broadcast promotions, and software development.

Creative influencers and aspiring video animators enjoy working faster and smarter thanks to their toolkits. In 2019 they won two more awards: "Best Premiere Pro Template" for the "Ultra Editing Kit" and "Envato's Most Downloaded Toolkit" for the "Modern Transitions."

In his free time, Apostolos enjoys playing with his baby boy, working out, watching films, and reading books.