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Alex Burlui

Marketing Coordinator

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Alex is our Marketing Coordinator and a true maestro when it comes to our marketing efforts.

His deep knowledge of social media marketing and user experience helps The Futur grow on all digital platforms.

Ironically, Alex did not start out studying marketing. He was 2 years into his dental career when he took a shot in the dark, left the medical field, and went on to pursue Marketing and Advertising.

In just 6 months, he had a certificate from Columbia Business School and Google under his belt, while also managing a small Social Media Marketing Agency. Evidently, it all worked out.

When Alex is offline, he’s enjoying life in Iasi, Romania with his wife and baby. Reading, playing CS GO from time to time, and cooking up a mean pasta carbonara are just a few of his pastimes. He also makes insanely delicious scrambled eggs like Gordon Ramsay—but better.

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