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Personal Branding Worksheet

We ask you the Who, What, Why, and How of your personal brand, but only you can answer the When. This worksheet will make the challenges of pointing the spotlight on yourself a lot easier.

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Defining your personal brand

Who am I? What is my purpose? Why do I exist? These are the questions that human kind has pondered since the beginning of existence. Therefore, to know oneself is considered the highest form of knowledge. You could spend your entire life searching and never answer that question.

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If you agree with any of these, then this worksheet is for you:

  • You need help narrowing down your niche
  • You have a hard time explaining what you do
  • You’re putting out content, but not seeing results
  • You feel like you’re struggling with your professional identity

As creatives, our job is to look at other brands and determine how we can make them better. Well now it's time do that for your own brand.

“Personal branding” is the buzz everyone keeps talking about, but does anyone really know how to break it down? You know it’s important, but you constantly find yourself going in different directions. This worksheet will help you to regroup and restructure your offering in just one sentence.

It’s not easy, but we’ve condensed down months of interviewing people just like you into this simple worksheet. We can show you how it’s done, but we can’t do the pushups for you. Grab a pen and paper, and get ready to get personal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I worry about my personal brand when I already like who I am?

In all of years of coaching, we've noticed a gap between what creatives put out there versus the professionals they're trying to portray. This worksheet will help you close that gap, which ultimately will help you increase the value you offer your clients

What if I want more help than this worksheet provides?

We love helping people grow, and in fact, that's why we started The Futur in the first place. If you're looking for a more personalized look at your brand, we'd be happy to set up a call and see if it's a good match.

Why do I need to fill out the information?

Your information is safe with us. We ask for your information in exchange for this valuable resource so we can send additional resources to your email as well as other marketing communications we think will help you grow your creative skills and business.

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