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Greg Gunn

You asked to hear more from us, and well, we answered.

Public Speaking & the Motion Conference
Public Speaking & the Motion Conference

Public Speaking & the Motion Conference

Greg Gunn
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What is The Futur of The Motion Graphics Industry and what can you, as a creative, do to adapt?

Welcome to The Futur podcast where we talk about the business of design. Whether you’re on your commute or tuning in at your desk, thanks for checking out our content. Hosting this first episode is Chris Do, Executive Creative Director of Blind Studio and co-founder of The Skool - an online education platform.

Joining us on the podcast is Greg Gunn, a self-proclaimed extrovert, creative director, designer, and animator in LA. Greg is also a member of the Blind family.

In this episode, Chris and Greg reflect on their experiences as both attendees and speakers at Motion 2016 - the Motion Graphics Conference in Santa Fe, NM. Chris and Greg reflect on insightful conversations about the Motion Graphics Industry and the direction in which it's headed. Plus, they’ll be sharing a first-hand perspective of the world of Motion Graphics.

First on the agenda: public speaking. What’s the deal? Why is it that some people run as far away from the podium as possible, while others knock their public speeches out with sheer confidence and energy? Just the thought of planning, writing, and practicing a speech can easily talk people out of delivering it.

What has Chris—a natural introvert—learned from his experience with public speaking? And what can Greg share from his point of view?

Chris and Greg will be sharing their takeaways from the Motion Graphics Conference in Santa Fe, NM, and their thoughts and feelings on public speaking at the conference. So what are some things motion graphics designers can expect and look forward to? In the creative industry, the only thing that’s constant is change.

Tune into this episode to dive into the future of the motion graphics industry, and what you, as a creative, can do to adapt to the changes.

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