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Youmna Chamcham

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘entrepreneur’?

Redefining Entrepreneurship
Redefining Entrepreneurship

Redefining Entrepreneurship

Youmna Chamcham
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Redefining entrepreneurship and breaking the mold with Youmna Chamcham.

Is there a stereotype around the word? You might associate the word with masculine energy, and picture someone generally in their 40s or so, who is a likable and hard-working person.

Our guest today is Youmna Chamcham, a graphic designer studying at ArtCenter College of Design. She shares a very different side of entrepreneurship that breaks from the stereotype. Youmna is very creative, soft-spoken, and carries a positive energy that is rather infectious.

She joins Chris on the podcast to discuss redefining entrepreneurship, how to break the mold, and set your own path from a difficult upbringing.

Born in Beirut in 1990, Youmna grew up in a time of turmoil and violence following the war. And while that may seem like a big discouragement to follow her passion, Youmna pressed on. Her uncle, a singer, producer, and artist, influenced Youmna’s creative spirit and motivated her to follow her dream.

Her career began in television, working as a screenwriter for a local Lebanese station. When she arrived in the US, she completely shifted gears and enrolled at ArtCenter to study graphic design. Her reasoning for the major shift was a simple “following of curiosity.”

So where does entrepreneurship fit into all of this? We’re getting there.

Youmna started ‘Live Love Beirut,’ a bracelet movement that began as just a personal passion project. It turned into a trend amongst people from all over the globe, and created a way to raise awareness for the events happening in Beirut, as well as a chance for people to connect with each other.

It seems fitting, given Youmna’s spirit and positivity throughout even the toughest of situations. One bracelet at a time, Youmna’s sparking change in the world, and in the world of entrepreneurship.

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